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Default Re: Gun-control claims lives at Virginia Tech

Shadow wrote:
For my last comment I do appologize. Previously I thought you were yet another persona of our little idiot friend.
No problem.

Are you actually advocating that we arm semi-mature 19 year old students? Do you seriously think that would stop as opposed to increase such tragedies?
Thanks for asking for clarification- obviously I didn't invest much time in my prior post so more is needed.

To answer your question I need to address the bigger picture starting with the fact that I support freedom (as my tag line suggests). For starters, this means that people should not be forced to pay for taxes which then means that those who pay for and run the schools should have the freedom to set the criteria for use of their facilities as they see fit. If they want no guns, then fine. The debate about guns at public universities is a fabricated issue, there should not be public universities (ie: supported by extorting / stealing money from innocent people).

No law can stop such tragedies, either if guns are totally banned or if they are required by law. Guns in the hands of a mature, well adjusted, trained individual can however reduce the number and severity of such instances. I'm not saying that we should arm anyone, but if they want to arm themselves on their own initiative then we should support their rights of defense. If one has the same traits as a police officer then why not support letting them arm themselves to the same level as a police officer? Do you advocate police officers to be armed? Does it matter that police officers can turn bad? How can one defend themselves against a rouge police officer if they can't be equally armed? Should they just accept that they have no hope due to the arbitrary tyranny of others preventing their ability to self defense? I understand these are all difficult issue with no easy answer but there are some basic truths that can be established:

- People are born as sovereign individuals and have just as many rights as others.
- Attempting to limit ones ability to defend themselves on public land is an aggressive act and it can be expected that lethal force can counter-act it.
- If you're a madman armed to the teeth on public land with a history of violence it could be expected for others to take some form of pre-emptive measures.

I say that if we support freedom we will ultimately decrease such tragedies.

Hope this helps.

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