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Default Re: There is something very important you must know.

Windham_Earl wrote:
I will only post here once. This message is all I am here to deliver. You will not be able to find out who I am, so you should not even waste time trying. I tell you this so that you may help yourself, and avoid being infected.

This site, like many others on the web, is monitored by many people and groups.

What you must understand is that information is capable of acting as a vector for very serious infections that can negatively affect the human mind. Most of you already know this because you are aware of internet viruses. But I am talking about something much more dangerous. An infection that affects you, a human being, not merely your computer. I know there are some here who will not believe me, and to them I would suggest you google "meme theory" or "memetics". I hope this will be enough for you to take this warning seriously.

There are many groups and people who wish to infect as many people as they can. Not all of them are governments or government agents.

Now viral memes are literally infecting vast numbers of people every single day, and many do not even realize it.

I do not wish to bring you a message of futility.

I will continue to spread this word, as this is the reason that I was sent to this earth. I wish each and every one of you human beings the strength to avoid infection by the many viral memes that are propagating around your planet.

Kin Jay Eee,
Windham Earl[/quote/]

Meme aDuh TheEErY, KnOT TRue.
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