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Default Re: Gun-control claims lives at Virginia Tech

Law of the Old West
A gun for everyone.. the Right to Bear Arms.. yup if everyone had a concealed handgun, that would really deter the "bad guys" .. Mommy's little peacekeeper.. going to school would be like Russian roulette.. you'd nvr know when your time was up.. instead of one "massacre", you could expect several per day i imagine.. when a guy's homicidal and suicidal, i don't think he's going to worry about someone shooting him b4 he can MT his guns.. can u imagine the crossfire that would result from a shootout @ the OK classroom? I don't think you fully thought out the consequences of a room full of armed kids.. even if they practiced with targets, the accuracy of handguns isn't that great.. maybe they should all carry automatic weapons to insure that they hit the whacko @ least once?
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