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Default :evil: MicroNukes used on WTC1,2 and 7

Dr Bill Deagle a NWO former insider involved in many above government projects has claimed on his nutrimedical show that 4th generation micronukes were employed with Thermate to bring down WTC1 and 2.

He surmises that no amount of Thermate would have created the enormous temperatures of 1500F in the rubble pile as found by rescue workers.

Video of Molten Metal Pools found weeks after the destruction of the building can be watched here :

According to his research the detonation of a 4th Generation Micro-Nuke generates a nano-pulse of heat at approximately 4 million degrees centigrade. This heat pulse was strong enough to turn the support columns to dust, and was able to cause cars to catch on fire at a distance. Not only this but he has stated that his high level NSA contacts have informed him that it was a sub-contract job employing the usage of Russian GRU agents, and Mossad Nuclear Technicians. Apparently they are all part of the high-level cult.

Many pictures of the cars burning at a distance can be viewed here:
Or here (in case the links 'disappear') This site thinks its 'Space Beam Weapons' which is a nice way to discredit the real reason.

His program can be listened to at :

Archives of his show are available at

A 3 hour special he did for the Granada forum is available online at

Related topics in the 3 hr special Black Mantra, Aurora Aircraft, Underground Cities, Quantum Computing Grid Array (Cray 5 Supercomputers), Ultraviolet Fiber Optics, Helium 3 Mining on the Moon, the coming 2 billion bird flu hit, and much more.

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