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Default Monatomic Gold & Etherium Technologies

Actually I've bought stuff several times both from the Energetic Nutrition site and another site in England that sells the same stuff. It's really not what you expect. On the one hand it's exactly like they say; it improves the coordination of the two halves of the brain. On the other hand, if you're expecting a high or some kind of magic mushroom/LSD trip you're going to be very disappointed.

I've noticed my memory has improved quite dramatically. I now can remember people I've met only once, their name, how they looked on the day we met, what they wore, where and under what circumstances we met etc. I've experienced a lot of other things as well which I don't know are the result of taking Etherium Gold. It might be something totally unrelated. But that stuff really is unimportant.

Since I'm interested in meditation and yoga I was curious if it would help me concentrate and if it would help activate the different chakras in the body. I can tell you that it did in both instances. But I have to emphasise that it really isn't a drug because it doesn't DO anything to your perception, at least not physically. Half the people who've tried it didn't feel or notice anything and yet when examined by doctors and scientists after having gone through a test the doctors could see a change in the activity of their brain and the brain waves for the better. Now, of course I'm no scientist so I have no way of verifying wether this is genuine or not. It would be very interesting though if you or anyone else on this forum would be interested in having this substance checked by a reliable independent laboratory to find out what it actually contains. I've got a tape of an interview with Patrick Bailey, the founder of Etherium Technologies from 1996 which I'll try to put on the net when I have my new computer.

Analyzing the stuff is not as straight forward as it could seem. Because of the "exotic" properties of these metals at first glance lab scientists were mistaken as to the identity of the compound they were analyzing. It looked like something, but when manipulated by for example heat, it transformed into something else! Without going too far out into speculation and relying too much on my now fantabulous memory (;-)) I'll listen to that taped interview again and post a report on it when I'm done. How's that for a laugh? :-D

If you're scientifically inclined you can amuse yourself with reading <a href="">Hudson's UK Patent Application </a>
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