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Default Re: NWO Seduction Or Soloution? WMV File

Hey all...if Alex is a plant i'll kiss ALL your asses live on the internet... :-?

Sure he needs a few beers before bed time and maybe half a valium but what do you expect? He's really at the forefront and prepared to lay it all down.

To be perfectly honest i'd really like to shake his hand before I die.

He is doing the best work on the surveillence police state.

Yeh nohope...the book was far more clear on what the fascist police state would be like. The first one lost alot of the message. Alot of people thought that way of living sounded cool. Thats the trouble...for alot of people 'benevolent fascism' sounds great.

I have both the movies on dvd. The first one was a big hit here in Oz. The second one I stumbled accross. I'm sure blockbuster has them or if not go to Amazon.

I've been hunting around for more webspace. After 2 gig of traffic the costs get insane!

It must be costing Alex a fortune!

Just my poxy little website is getting 150 hits a day every day. The traffic must be well over 2 gig a month.

I'm blown away by the response.

Thanks all for your encouragement, i appreciate.

I have a hell of alot more good stuff but i'm limited to 30 meg of webspace.

Have a great doco on how they took out Lady Di. Sent it on to Paul Watson. Will post it in a couple of weeks.

Again thanks for the encouragement.

Yeh AISB...he's a great presenter. He actually has a specific lecture on the U.S on this subject. I'll post it soon as well.

Best to all.

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