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Default Michaelic ArchAngelic Emergent

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Michael arises.

Michael is the mind of man transformed to the likeness of the LORD.

Michael is the ArchAngelic consciousness of CHURCH

Michael now begins to take his stand.

Michael is the power of disciples cleansed by the blood of Christ in the pure waters of BAPTISM.

Michael is the consciousness of ascension into HEAVEN to sit with Christ.

Michael is the power of our GLORY at this time.

Michael stands up for the CHURCH.

Michael stands up for the CHURCH, those who are sealed on earth with the Holy Spirit of God.

Michael directs his angelic hosts for our benefit.

Michael finishes the PARABLES of Christ.

Pray to the Father through Christ to send the Michaelic consciousness to CHURCH at this time.

Grace and Peace to Israel Above from the Seven Spirits before the Throne of God.

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