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Default "The Corporation". A Must See Doco...Preview Available WMV Format

I have never seen a better doco on the Corps.

A must see and great for introducing friends to the beginnings of the NWO subject.

A shame it does'nt go deeper into the people who make and finance the Corporations..."The Bankers".

We'd know we really had them on the run if someone produced a mainstream doco on "The Bankers"...the true masters.

I know of "The Money Masters", an excellent low budget doco. Would love to see it mainstream or remade in the same format without the incessent pen pointing. Watch it, you'll see what I mean.

As it is we know have these programs telling us the evil of the corporations and how they're destroying the world.

Then of course the soloution will be offered. One World powerful government to restrain these nasty corps...for your benefit of course.

They make em and then tell us they have the soloution to all this chaos.

Still, it's a great watch.

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