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Default Are The Powers That Be In Oz About To Admit To "Aerosol Spraying"?

‘Asian haze’ impacts on Australian rainfall

Elevated particle emissions resulting from increased economic activity in Asia may have increased Australia’s tropical rainfall, according to new research on the way pollution influences our climate...

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Choice quotes...

“Until now, there has been ample evidence that these particles have important effects on climate in the Northern Hemisphere but little such evidence in the Southern Hemisphere,” says CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research scientist, Dr Leon Rotstayn.
An aerosol is a haze of particles in the atmosphere. Dr Rotstayn says representing aerosols in climate models and understanding their influence on cloud formation and rainfall is one of the biggest challenges facing climate scientists.
“Because the cooling effect of aerosol pollution is possibly comparable to the warming effect of increased levels of carbon dioxide, the message from this research is that aerosols are an essential inclusion if we are to accurately describe present and future Australian climate,” he says.
Amazingly the scientists have JUST discovered that maybe HUGE artificial clouds put up their by THEM should be included in climate models.

There is also this admission by the Oz government that they are commencing "Cloud Seeding"...

Scientists gather in Melbourne to discuss cloud seeding

Friday, 4 May 2007

Australian cloud seeders and researchers are gathering in Melbourne from Monday, 7 May, to review the latest science and cloud seeding experiences from around the world. The three day symposium comprises presentations from international and Australian scientists, workshops and discussions and a review of Australian cloud seeding plans, including related research projects...

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Further articles...

Renewed push for cloud seeding

Cloud Seeding in Australia

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