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Default Re: A Brief History of American Freemasonry and The William Morgan Incident

I believe there is an old adage about those who don't learn from history having to repeat it all over again; sadly, such has been the history of Freemasonry and the American public. After the devastating losses of membership and esteem following the Morgan abduction and murder, the Craft has rebounded to an even stronger position in terms of its secret monopoly on all branches of American society and government.
However, there is no valid reason to believe that any thing has changed about Freemasonry itself -- or ever will. Since their secret dogmas and rituals have now been revealed for the truly discerning (although don't expect to find a book on their secret signs and symbols on the local library shelf), it is not likely that another "incident" like the Morgan abduction will occur for the same reason, but there is no reason to assume that individual members and the Craft collectively are not able, willing and capable of abusing their secret oaths for purposes just as wickedly nefarious as what was done to Col. Morgan.
As a victim myself, certainly I am well aware of the truth of these observations.
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