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Sable, I very rarely suffer. This is the happiest I have been in my life. I am me. owe taxes to who?
Walked away first marriage with nil. Happy.

Walked away again,and again and again. I will not dance with the devil, i will take the high road and walk away and if you mess with my children, I am going to eat you for breakfast, as a light snack.

I do not mince my words when passion flares my senses. And I'm smart and getting older. I think before I act, generally don't react.

Remember the public speaker imagined his audience in their underwear? Well these crew are a bunch of skeezy child molesters and they cower when faced. The cockroaches flee in the light, running for cover. Put any good canadian or american man in a room with a pedophile and I know who is walking out. You men just haven't realized your true power yet. You will. The time is coming, mark my words.

I says the truth comes to light and I personally will rebel against a lie, it's in my nature.

And the truth shall set us free!

Mary XXX

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