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Default Current Day Israeli Academics Call For Assassination Of opponents To Zionism And Judaism


Ancient/Present Day Judaic Attitudes To Killing "Amalek"

A short extract taken from "Michael Hoffman II" excellent lecture on Deborah Lipstahd and her comments calling Revisionist Historian David Irving... "Amalek".

Hoffman explains to the uninitiated the "insider language" used by certain Judaics to label their enemies as worthy of assassination.

You will be shocked at what you hear as it becomes clear that these ancient teachings are alive and well in the 21st century.

The concept of "Amalek" goes a long way to explaining the cruel collective punishments handed out to the Palestinians and the well known habit of Israeli thugs to assassinate opponents of the criminal Zionist State of Israel.

Please support quality research and visit and purchase books and video's from...

Micheal Hoffman Web Site

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