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Default Re: Can women be leaders ?


This is a footnote to the above verse by the messenger of the covenant (Malaci 3:1-3) Rashad Khalifa from the "authorized english translation of Quran", perhaps it may clear the issue of beating that has been abused by the so called "muslims",

*4:34 God prohibits wife-beating by using the best psychological approach. For example, if I don't want you to shop at Market X, I will ask you to shop at Market Y, then at Market Z, then, as a last resort, at Market X. This will effectively stop you from shopping at Market X, without insulting you. Similarly, God provides alternatives to wife-beating; reasoning with her first, then employing certain negative incentives. Remember that the theme of this sura is defending the women's rights and countering the prevalent oppression of women. Any interpretation of the verses of this sura must be in favor of the women. This sura's theme is ``protection of women.''
Rashad Khalifa

P.S: The Chapter is one of the longest and it is called by God "Women".
God\'s alternative, USN

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