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Peace Nomad,

The early Muslims (Submitters) actually laid the foundaition for almost every field of knowledge we know nowadays. However parallel to the corruption of the religion (Developement of "Hadith" books 200 years after Muhammad's death) the spirit of research started to fade since all matters have been settled by the religious scholars and their interpretation of the Hadith books (never Quran).

In Submission (the original creed of Abraham) we live and die for God, therefore all aspects of life are dealt with in that spirit. The early Submitter scientists didn't do their research seeking profit or fame, their only goal was to gain more appreciation of God (to know God more thus draw nearer to Him) through discovering the perfect harmony in His creation, being it the human body, outer space, the earth, ...etc

When the "Muslims" accepted and depended on their religious scholars, they forfeited their free will along with it, since no more did they need to choose when the scholars have developed complete books dividing all actions into lists of "Halaal & Haraam" (Right and wrong), e.g: on the Arab satallite channels or in the newspaper's religious columns, you may find questions like: is it "Halaal" to sleep on the left side ?

What do you expect from such hypocrites who surrendered to their rulers and scholars, who sold their brains to Satan, who refuse to answer the test for themselves. Quran urges us to reflect and ponder upon God's creation and signs, to be active not passive. Apathy is condemned in Quran, yet it is the dominant state of mind in the muslim countries now.

Would that mean that the developed nations know God better? God says that no matter how advanced or how good are your works, without being God-centered, they simply don't count.

I assure you that a true submitter nation would be number one in all aspects of life, as per God's promise of Victory for the Submitters.
God\'s alternative, USN

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