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ColdSheenow wrote: 7Q
The article suggests that "MANY BEES SEEM TO DISAPPEAR."

I guess they're being kidnapped.

There was recently a report about "buttered" popcorn causing lung cancer. Most often in those who work at the factories.

We were advised not to eat it.

Another report that our food and water supply is being tainted with "rocket fuel."

So much for follow-up.

We already know that cigarettes do not cause cancer in and of themselves.

This is "mind control" at work. Suggestibility.

Pesticides on foods, hormones used to fatten up livestock, preservatives and red and yellow dyes.

These are cancer causing agents as well. Toss alcohol in there, too.

It is the combination of these agents that weakens our immune system when our bodies spend much time fighting off what they perceive as "foreign invasion." Allowing the breakdown of cells and abnormal cell growth.

By the way, treating cancer with radiation; a cancer causing agent seems to defeat the purpose.

This is the best they want to offer, I assume, since it usually causes secondary cancer and is not, in most cases, a cure but speeds up the "killing" process.

Do you think they're studying cures for cancer on "rats," etc. or what causes cancer?

Our medical profession is trained to use on patients what they have been educated to believe as a remedy.

They're following orders.
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