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redrat11 wrote:
autism is a very strange disorder, indeed the symptoms vary from person to person, although my guess is that it begins to form in the creation stage of the fetus (baby) meaning that the neurological process is somehow not able to complete itself in the formation of the baby.

there are many factors to blame, environment, vaccines from the mother, diet and nutrition, and even the very air we breathe.
Your guess is that AUTISM is formed in the creation stage of the fetus through vaccinations that the mother received and NOT the father.

Why not the father?

You also believe there are outside influencing factors once the fetus is is born such as diet, nutrition and the air we breathe.

If this is the case, why has AUTISM been predicted to afflict 1 in 150 children in the future, but not in the past?

Why would it be due to vaccinations the mother received?

Are they tainted?

Why diet, nutrition, air we breathe now and not in the past?

Are they tainted?
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