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Default Re: Can women be leaders ?

Oh you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you see, Adams problem was that he was not an equal with his wife. The Bum! Not a team player at all!
The minute she offered him the apple with the story of greatness to come, Adam jumped at the chance of "easy street". GREED!!!!!!!!
At least Eve had the taken the road of 'pause' and said to the Serpent (with a white lie added in hopes to get the Serpent to get lost!), "we're not allowed to eat it, NOT EVEN TOUCH IT". She at least,exhibited a 'well I don't know Serpent, we're not supposed to...' As you said, Adam did nothing to address both the Serpent or Eve after she "sinned". Actually,women are truly the ones that are (and should be) the head of the household. Why? Because the woman knows what the family needs, she is the mother, also the watchful eye. Men are supposed to work, fetch and provide, and protect. Very simple.
Case closed. PS: Men are supposed to keep the woman sexually satisfied as well. She is supposed to be happy and well taken care of
because she carries and gives birth to a child of God. Woman is NOT supposed to be burdened
with anything else, the man is. Instead man has
flipped the bible around to have his own
meaning to it. Therefore making the woman be taught about submission. Our young girls today think that they are nothing more than creatures of submission. Baloney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't go for rehashing this nonsense at a time where we are supposed to love our wives and children, and fight for family unity. Look around and see what this domination theory has done to this world!!! Some men need to be men, not bs artists.
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