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I'm not a scientist nor am I a doctor; however, I thought one needed a CAUSE in order to predict effect/statistics.

In the case of AUTISM, apparently, they don't.

Do they know if it is contracted in the womb?

Do they know if it is contracted outside of the womb?

Do they know what causes it?

If the answer to these questions are a resounding NO then how do they come up with this staggering statistic unless they are inducing this DISorder and know what their target number will be?

Could it be that a vaccination will be proposed through this SCARE tactic and, although, they have NO clue what causes this DISorder in or outside of the womb, our children will be forced to receive vaccination and thus the vicious cycle begins of TARGET areas and introducing new DISorders amongst the population.

They know, to a certain degree, what causes Cancer and Aids, but have been unable to develop a vaccination to eradicate them.


Because they are the top killers. Because the drugs to treat, which, by the way, most probably do not, keep the pharmaceutical companies wealthy and they all have a hand in those pockets.

Just as they say they don't know what causes ADD and/or ADHD, but they have plenty of DRUGS available for our children to ingest.

Drugs break-down an immune's defense system, alters brain chemistry and thus, the vicious cycle continues.
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