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john wrote:
This is what seems to me a very basic information on the secret war of a luciferiankind elit against humanity.

While LaRouche makes some very good points, he completely discredits himself with his roosevelt worship. He also equates truman, and others as being on the political right, which they most certainly were not. The fact is that the political left, socialists, communists, and now neo-cons (who are anything but conservative) have been running the U.S. exclusively since wilson took office. With wilson the fraudulent federal reserve system, and income tax were enacted, which put the central bankers in complete control of the U.S. politically. They then engineered the depression of the 1930’s, and got roosevelt elected by running him as a traditional conservative during the campaign. Of course, once he was in office he showed his true colors as being a socialist to the core, and enacted many purely socialist programs, social security being just one example. He also packed the supreme court with activist judges, who completely abandoned the principle of stare decisis, and began the reign of judicial tyranny we are under now. He also goaded the Jap’s into attacking Pearl Harbor, and thus involving the U.S. in WWII, which it never would have entered without such an event. Given just the basic areas where LaRouche is wrong, it leaves one wondering if he is a disinformation agent, an idiot, or just plain historically ignorant.

Here are some of his more idiotic points.

“I'm a veteran of World War II. And I came back from overseas to the United States in 1946, in the spring of '46. And I came back to a United States which had changed: It was no longer a Roosevelt-led nation; it was a Truman-led nation--actually a Harriman-led nation. And we'd gone through a great right-wing turn, away from Roosevelt. And in the process, over a period of time, there was a great effort to destroy the Franklin Roosevelt tradition in the Democratic Party.

People around the world saw this, at the time. Leading people said, "What a disaster." They looked forward to a post-war period with Franklin Roosevelt's policies, and thought the United States would be the great benefactor of the world, in helping to organize a new world system, which would be more just. We went the other way.”

In actuality, it was still a nation of roosevelt’s policies. Even though roosevelt was dead, truman, who was just as committed a socialist as was roosevelt, continued to carry out his socialist policies. The latter paragraph of the above quote shows that LaRouche is either a complete idiot, or just plain historically ignorant, since the U.N. (useless nations) was created ASAP after the war to further roosevelt’s, or more correctly the people who were running roosevelt’s ideas for a N.W.O. LaRouche states that the U.S. was in opposition to the N.W.O. or as he calls it “new world system”, when in fact the U.S. is the only reason the U.N. has not collapsed in on itself financially.

“ Especially from the late 1960s on, there was a drive, inside the Democratic Party, to {eradicate and uproot} the influence of Franklin Roosevelt's tradition, to turning away from the lower 80% of family-income brackets, and disregard for the largest minorities in the United States. We took the largest minorities, we essentially shoved them off, or tried to use them. We disregarded the lower 80% of our family-income brackets, who were becoming poorer and poorer by the year. So, we no longer had an organized party at the base.”

This has got to be the most idiotic thing LaRouche has ever said. The DemoRat party swung so far to the left during the 1960’s that it should have been renamed the communist party. No one with even half sense would ever describe either kennedy, or lbj’s policies as anything but far left. Of course given the state that we’re in today, kennedy’s policies could be considered rather conservative, but they are not traditionally conservative, and were, and still are very liberal/socialist.

“But, over the period of time, especially since 1962-64, we have cut ourselves off from this, and, I'm sorry to say, that in the United States, a small but very well-organized, hard-core right wing--and some degree in Europe, too--is now on top, in terms of controlling the dynamic.”

Again, LaRouche demonstrates that he has no idea what he’s talking about. The political left has been in complete control of the U.S. since the election of wilson. In truth, the political left, backed by the central bankers, have been in control since the election of lincoln (spit) who made it possible for them to take complete control by overthrowing the existing legitimate government, which was composed of a weak general government which was granted only limited powers, delegated to it by the States, which were then still Sovereign States. Of course, I didn’t mean to go this far back in history in this post, but in order to understand what has happened in the last century, you have to understand the events that made it possible, and in order to have a really complete understanding (at least of the history of the U.S.), you should study back to the colonial period, and The Revolutionary War. There was an ideological split after The Revolutionary War in the former colonies, now Sovereign States aligned into a Confederation under The Articles of Confederation. The two opposing sides were the Federalists, and the Anti-Federalists. Were it not for the Anti-Federalists, there would never have been a Bill of Rights. If you’re really interested in understanding why what has happened in the political history has happened, I would suggest you start by reading both The Federalist Papers, and the Anti-Federalist Papers.
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