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Default "Star Wars"

Excerpt from Reagan speech:

"My fellow Americans, tonight we're launching an effort which holds the promise of changing the course of human history. There will be risks, and results take time. But I believe we can do it. As we cross this threshold, I ask for your prayers and your support."

The true meaning of "Star Wars" is not about the ability to intercept/strike down a ballistic missile directed at the United States or one of her allies.

I have been attempting to "retrieve" information about this program for quite some time.

It has not yet presented itself to me.

This is a starting place.

The military has planes that can disguise themselves as stars. Their lights are much brighter than a star and if watched closely you can view a dimming and brightening of their light.

When the dimminng begins to occur, I believe the aircraft can no longer be idle.

The reflected light from these aircraft usually produce what appears to be OCTOPUS' tentacles streaming down from the bright light.

This may be something that I find noticeable because I am aware of it and also because of my heightened senses due to deprivations.

In this regard, the phrase that THEY have their OCTOPUS' tentacles wrapped around everything comes to mind.

The "eye in the sky" comes to mind as well.

The "OWL" at Bohemia Grove is used as an example of the way that they can watch and see all. They have eyes in the back of their head, much like an OWL, it was said.

The "all seeing" eye in the sky.

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