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Default Re: Homosexual Bill Passes California Senate

Whatever they desire HUMANS to be; however they desire to shape and mold us; to condition us; to brainwash us; to program us; they deploy social engineering unto the masses through television, cinema, music, education, etc.

When one hears and views the same thing over and over again, tolerance and acceptance takes place.

They know this. They studied it on mind control victims through psychic driving; a tactic Dr. Cameron used.

The technology they had at their disposal back in the day, long ago, when I was young is, of course, technology that was not known about publicly.

The same applies today.

We are all products of our environment. If they control our environment, they control us into the BEINGS that they desire us to be and not the BEINGS that GOD intended for us to be.

There is absolutely no reason why our children should be forced to learn and to accept, whether Christians or not, that which they may find immoral.
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