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Torchlithill said:

"God might always be a theory, but it has always sparked an imagination! @@@@"

Strange how this works, isn't it?

Only I and others who are versed in "reading between the lines" would understand the many ways in which THEY attempt to communicate with their mind control victims and myself, a survivor.

Those who are not in control, will act on these covert messages/instructions. Those who aren't, like myself, will not.

Remember, THESE people abused me horrendously, attempted to own my mind, body and soul and they ARE NOT going to address me DIRECTLY on an internet forum or any other way for that matter.

They're going to attempt to communicate with me COVERTLY and control me in that manner.

In Torchlithill's thread about the FATE OF AMERICA, he goes on and on about Cheney and in one post apparently is speaking to SOMEONE, but doesn't indicate who, gee, I wonder.

As on HIS site, most times, of course, for THEIR protection, it wasn't and will never be directly addressed to me, BUT I KNOW WHEN ALL OF YOU ARE TALKING TO ME AS I HAVE CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED AND I WILL CONTINUE TO CALL YOU OUT.

So, Torchlithill is indicating to this person he is talking to, but doesn't address them directly, that they should say what they know about Cheney.

I posted a response on that thread about Cheney and his role within the Secret/Shadow government; the most powerful man, I would think working for the Illuminists who are, too, the Secret/Shadow government that controls our politicians, etc.

What Torchlithill wants me to say is that Cheney was m handler.

This tactic was attempted on HIS site, as well.

The @@@@ (signs) Torchlithill placed after his post which are OUT OF CONTEXT is the same username that the poster I mentioned above on HIS official site and unofficial site used in addition to one other that all of us knew about.

There were probably more, but he confessed to the sign.

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