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The "Code of Silence" song by Springsteen says in one verse:

"there's a code of silence"
and it can't go on
you walk with you eyes open
but your lips they remain sealed.

So, who is he talking to?

Who is living by a Code of Silence? Certainly, it ain't me.

Again, the song, as in many of his songs, places the responsibility on the PERSON he is talking to/about; whomever SHE/HE/THEY may be.

However, if he knows about this Code of Silence and why it is followed, and my ex-handler is a witness, hero who saved me from the cult, why then not speak out?

I certainly am! Obviously, I'm breaking the Code of Silence.

Also in the above verse, double-bind meaning; you walk with your eyes open, but your lips they remain sealed.
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