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A verse from Joel's song "Code of Silence"

I know you well enough to tell you've got your reasons
That's not the kind of code you're inclined to break
Some things unknown are best left alone forever
And if a vow is what it takes
Haven't you paid for your mistakes

He knows THIS person well enough.


Who is SHE/HE?

And, it's not the kind of CODE HE/SHE is inclined to break. SUGGESTION!!

What he means, of course, in the third line is that some THINGS the public doesn't know about (i.e., the "cult") are best left alone forever.

Take the vow, he says, because hasn't this PERSON already in the PAST paid for their mistakes.

Again, he mentions in the song something like YOU don't want to go through it again.

Well, for me, I already did.

I didn't pay ANY PRICE for my mistakes in the past or in the present because I didn't make any mistakes.

THOSE who inflicted their abuse upon me PAID the price for fortune and fame. Sold their souls to the devil and will meet HIM upon their demise. They will pay the price for the rest of their lives on earth and when they are sent into the pits of HELL. I, on the otherhand, will never pay the price and will meet my maker, GOD.

I was willing to risk my life to free myself and perhaps shed light onto this world someday in the future, about the corruption within the MUSIC INDUSTRY and other facets of our government.

About the perverts and homosexuals, pedophiles, sadistic pigs, etc. who lurk within.

Interesting, isn't it? Do a song title search for CODE OF SILENCE and see how many you come up with?

Seems THEY know all about this CODE. It's a must within the cult and a must within the military.
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