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It's quite obvious who my MAIN handler/controller was, isn't it?

I was a "little girl."

Had I stayed inside the music industry and not escaped, I may never have remembered who my main handler was.

As Janet Jackson once said, she always thought Tedddy Pendergrass was singing to her. Could be he was her handler/controller.

This is the "method." You are handled and trained when young and then you emerge as a singer/songwriter.

Do your handlers/controllers continue to control you with their lyrics when you are no longer attached, but controlled by others; basically, passed around?

Quite possibly not even remembering who handled you and also using other artists to sing lyrics with embedded "triggers/commands."

Certainly, when you're a musician, you listen to music. You listen to other singers.

I didn't PAY the PRICE.

Funny, in Springsteen's Prove it all Night song, he says, you want it, you take it, but you pay the price.

How generous!

Bruce Springsteen; the man with the funny jaw.

Dylan; Mr. Personality.

Billy Joel; "Mr. Bug Eyes."
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