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It was said quite often that I was MUZZLED. They had to put and keep a muzzle on me. I talked too much. I remembered too much. I had to KEEP IT TO MYSELF. You know, I had to learn to keep things to myself. Not let the CAT out of the bag. Keep it in the vault. Some things are better left unknown, as JOEL said in one of his songs. Keep it under raps.

I would be sued, if I implicated him.

I can tell you this. There is an insurance policy on my life. Not in a monetary form or fashion, but as I've stated, tapes and evidence from the past when I was a "little girl."

Why else am I alive????

It surely isn't because of HIM and I am certainly not fulfilling the agenda they had in mind for me.

I can tell you this also. I will never be SUED because what I speak about his role in my past is the truth.

When I first began writing on HIS OFFICIAL site, this person whom I thought was "in the know" and I was emailing quite often during really rough periods of "waking up," once told me to KEEP IT TO MYSELF when I told him that Bruce Springsteen was someone from my past.

At that point, I was in an altered state of consciousness while on HIS site believing the LIES I was being spoon fed about how he was the ONE with the evidence against them; the one who rescued me from the cult. He was the reason I was alive.

I no longer need to keep it to myself.

Bruce Springsteen was my main handler/controller when I was a "little girl."

By the way, I just got ZAPPED big time! The feeling in my head was so intense that I actually moved to the left and felt as if I had almost been knocked out.

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