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Default Re: "Why don't you spiritually stop raping me."

I have learned a lot since I first posted this.

I don't know if people have been using their faith as weapon??? How do they do they do that ??? I am confused.

Tolerance just like patience is a virtue.

I certainly have not been as patient as I could have been. I learnt that I was reacting moreso than acting of my own accord. That's what I learnt.

I also believe that is better to speak your mind, please or offend. Sometimes the truth hurts and it is only the truth and things will get better because of the exposure to the truth.

Just like a kid doesn't like to constantly be told, they are bad, I got fed up with people telling me and others that my faith was bad. Quite frankly, it pissed me off.

Who were these folks to judge?

Back to... Who am I to judge?
I am still learning not to judge and it is hard.

I am far from perfect. I am one of the most flawed people I know, truth be known. I've been through some heavy shit of varying forms and I consider myself lucky not to be in the nut-house babbling or selling my ass or some other foolishness.

As much as I sometimes feel I have been cursed, I have been blessed a million times more. My faith is what brought me to that space in my mind where I can try and find some peace.

It's all about personal pro-activity and believing in good things. It's not about reacting to situations without thought.

I am still learning...

By the way. I have been typing here for some time and would value any criticism that is warrnated by my myself, barring the malicious posts please. Bring them on if necessary.

I am interested in understanding how I come across and how I am percieved. If it is in a bad light, I would rather know so as to do something to alter that behaviour and/or train of thought.

I can take it. Please be blunt and honest.
For those who don't like me, please take your best shot and I'll do my damdest not to bite. I'd like to see just what I really have learnt.

I'm not looking for praise, I want constructive criticism only. Please. It'll give me something to think about, I am certain.
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