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Code of Silence is another one of Springsteen's songs that I became familiar with while on HIS OFFICIAL site.

Like I said, I had to refrain from listening to alot of music and in particular HIS.

So, this song was posted on HIS site.

I thought to myself. The message in this song is to some degree that there is a Code of Silence that can't go on and I'm here writing about government abuse, MKULTRA/Project Monarch, government conspiracies.

So, what's the problem?

Well, it's because the song also says there's a code of silence that WE DON'T DARE SPEAK. The song also says that YOU walk with your eyes open BUT YOUR LIPS THEY REMAIN SEALED.

The song also says, there's a wall between and the river's deep.

The song also says the truth is ELUSIVE, so ELUSIVE.

I know there is a CODE OF SILENCE, I was there. However, in an altered state being mind controlled and believing he had rescued me, I'm wondering why the HELL isn't HE saying anything.

Why the hell isn't he breaking the CODE of SILENCE?

Because he follows it!

Why the hell, if he rescued me from the cult, if he is a witness, if THEY tore our love apart, if they made me lie about him as referenced in Rod Stewart's Reason to Believe, isn't he saying anything to me?

Why the hell is everyone on the site, including HIM abusing me? Screwing with my head, etc., etc., etc.

The answers became quite clear very quickly.

Same way I escaped in the past. Knowing the difference between love and abuse and love and control and sex and love.

There's a CODE of SILENCE that HE doesn't dare speak.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

There's a song by Fleetwood Mac with the words, "break the silence."

I'm thinking. Break the silence!!! You're totally unreachable. This under an altered state while on HIS site.

I mean, what did HE/THEY think I was going to do, telephone him, begin sounding like some obsessed fan???

Oh, the things they wish I would have DONE and didn't!!!

I broke the SILENCE a long time ago.

You just have to know how to use all of their amunition targeted at YOU against THEM.

He's one of THEM.
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