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As I've written about the various types of "light" used on my skin to produce "lizard skin, premature aging and sun damage, before I came to this information, the words "lizard skin" kept repeating.

"We're going to give you lizard skin" just like us.

As I said, "lizard skin" refers to what I've written about regarding various types of "radiation" light used on my skin. A punishment. I would age prematurely unless I stayed with them. If I did, I'd age gracefully.

I knew this didn't mean that they had turned me into some shape-shifting lizard as some on the internet suggest this nefarious group of people are.

That, of course, is disinformation they would have liked me to believe.

They also would have liked me to believe that aliens, shape-shifting lizards, etc., were responsible for my abuse.

In a couple of Springsteen's songs there are words that speak to this disinformation.

He sings something like, going out to the desert to shed my skin.

I believe these are "trigger words" meant to call up the lizard disinformation and keep the truth about the "radiation" light hidden.

Or, maybe say that he is a shape-shifting lizard.

This also brings me back to THEM on this site who posted an opening statement about MKULTRA/Project Monarch and the exposure of same in 2007.

This, to some degree, peaked my interest, but there was a suggestive line about how mind control victims ARE always in a suggestible state which discredited THEM.

When I was writing several months ago on the site about my abusers shining bright lights in my eyes, I hadn't yet come to the knowledge about affecting vision change, etc. in this way and implanting the "switch alter" commands within when exposed to bright lights, dim lights, twilight, etc.

I've written about that most recently in this thread.

The next thing you know, THEM posted a full screen picture of some skeleton thing in a cave, shining a bright light as if I was suppose to identify these THINGS as my abusers.

Afterall, I refer to THEM as THEM and this person(s) used the username THEM and pictures of skeletons.
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