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To summarize:

Springsteen references a U2 song about incest as sexual and dangerous.

He performs love song duets with other male musicians.

He references that he and E Street Band attract alot of males to their shows most probably due to some of his songs being homo-erotic.

He sings about "little girls" such as "FIRE," with the verse, "hey little girl is your Daddy home."

There are a few love songs in this thread wherein he is a male personality other than himself, one in particular, by the name of Frank and he is singing to another male.

There is a song within this thread that sounds as if he is a brother singing a love song to his sister.

I've already commented on the "The River" song wherein he sings about getting someone by the name of Mary pregnant.

Who is Mary? Who did he get pregnant?

As I've stated, within the cult, "sexual deviant behavior" is commonplace.
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