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Default Re: This place is Creepy!...

BlueAngel wrote:
I wouldn't say the planet is haunted. But, I would say it is under the "spell" and control of "satanic" pigs.

I am in a "high" state of awareness. More so than the average JOE who has been placed in suggestible, altered states of consciousness from cradle to grave due to the drugs they push on our children, alcohol, MUSIC and distorted sense of "reality" created for them through "brainwashing" and false information.

You know, a "dream" like state. A "fairy tale" world.

I QUESTION that which doesn't make sense and deserves an answer.

To begin to understand the meaning of haunted we must understand the context in which it's being used.

For example, is it not true that when people pass to "the other side" of life, or death as they call it, does not the soul or spirit remain?

Thus, as I say the planet is being "haunted" by these spirits, these spirits (demonic-spirits) have control of the minds of certain people in high places and stature.

Now, to be sure, not everyones spirit remains on this planet, only those chosen to fulfill the end-times plan of Lucifer.

Thus the Illuminati/Zionist/ whatever term you call them, are spirit/controlled from another realm, this realm only they know? (or do they only?)
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