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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

tsk! tsk! touchy touchy rushdoony

If a certified pothead could not answer the question, and you could not answer the question, then what does that make you?
It makes me a person who could not answer a potheads question.

It's a nice defamatory trick, that ad hominem attack that you pulled. But it's irrelevant to the issue whether she was an Einstein or a pothead.
You are absolutely correct, her question was not relative to her being an einstein or a pothead it was relative to me calling her that because that's who and what she is.

When you chose to read it as a defamatory trick pulled against you, THAT was relative to the contempt you felt for the posts before mine.

And THAT's why I'm going to let this slide.

I am delighted, by the way, that you were able to figure out the correct pronunciation of my name.
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