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Default Re: Can women be leaders ?

I believe that both males and females can lead by example.

And... someone needs to be at home with kids and someone needs to assume the protector role of wife and child.

A man can still be a man and be mum while wifey goes to work. Whether he's the protector and gets that respect is a different story.

Women also deserve respect for being a mum or working which isn't generally duly noted.

It's all about power htese days and women and men have different strenths and weaknesses. That's why marriage makes a couple such a strong force, supposedly. If each assumed their natural roles, life would be a lot easier. I believe it is a working/loving partnership - love. marriage should be a division of all responsibilities for the betterment of the family. Who does what is irrelavent as long as everyone, including childre, pull their fair weight.

A family is everyone's responsibility to care for.
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