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I forgot to add, RR, that the MUSIC INDUSTRY is ONE of THEIR most useful TOOLS in "programming" our youth toward violence and sexual promiscuity, and YOU, being so well-versed in the NWO, should KNOW THIS!! and not want to deter ME from speaking about this aspect of "mind control" and my incarceration within this industry; used as a sex slave and a victim of MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

You should know that certain musical tones enter the subconscious and place people in highly "suggestible" states of minds. You should know that hearing the same SOUNDS over and over again when people listen to the same SONGS can have an almost hypnotic like effect, especially when this begins at a YOUNG AGE!

This, the reason MUSIC is piped-in almost everywhere. Grocery stores, convenient stores, etc., etc.

It puts our children in a trance-like state. Obsessed with certain musicians and unaware of REALITY. Just as they acheived in the 60's.

Concentrated on musicians whose talents have become overinflated due to media hype. The MEDIA whom they own and operate.

It's the something or other anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

WHO cares? You know who cares? Those from the 60's who are still infatuated; still in a child-like state; still in a trance; still ADDICTED to these people whom they think are HEROS or larger than life. The psychological operation worked.

JUST GO TO SPRINGSTEEN's UNOFFICIAL site. IF these people aren't FRAUDS, all I can say is that they are definitely not CONNECTED to REALITY.
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