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As THEY said, the hearing loss (energy directed weapons), skin damage (light rays), loss of vision (bright lights at this point is what I remember), wouldn't happen overnight. I would see the effects of it over time. Gradually, I would prematurely age.

The aging process accelerated.

These methods were used on me, but also to frighten me into silence.

Do you want to be deaf, dumb and blind before you're in your (insert age)?

Well, then, keep your mouth shut and we won't subject you to these lights any longer.

Deaf, dumb and blind is what they wanted. Deaf to all I heard, dumb to all read and blind to all I saw.

Putting me to sleep, as well, a deep sleep, dream-like state, through the trauma I endured (one can only block out when they endure trauma of this nature; the brain's natural defense mechanism) and other means as above in an attempt to insure my silence.

They would SCAR me for life, is how it was said.

Scars, markings, still trying to retrieve this information. How were they made?

In some sense, I believe they would have had to use various types of "radiation light" that caused these markings but not noticeable to the naked eye unless under certain light. Some kind of pen tracing the "etching" on the skin, but not visible at that point. Over time.

BRAINDEAD, as RedRat referred to me the other night.

That's what they wanted!

No heart, no courage, no brain; depictive of the characters in the Wizard of Oz.

These are how they "program" their mind control slaves. These belong to THEM.

Because, "HONEY, I want the heart, I want the soul, I want control, right NOW!"

Upon awakening, being drawn to HIM would be their only hope to again traumatize me, put me in the trance-like, child-like, dream-like, altered state of consciousness; hopefully, "assisted suicide, and/or institutionalization.
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