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While on his site, as I stated previously, the lyrics to "Dancing in the Dark" were posted quite frequently due to the "suggestive" verses, such as:

"they'll be carvin' you up all night."

"they say you gotta stay hungry."

Another Springsteen song, which I can't find the lyrics to at the moment, but may be in this thread somewhere, "No Surrender, No Retreat, were also posted quite frequently while I was on his site.

Inotherwords, "NO SURRENDER, NO RETREAT." Stay on the site, don't surrender, don't retreat so we can continue to "psychologically" abuse you while giving mixed messages as to HIS role in MY past as a HERO and not a handler.

Keep me holding on to the LIES about HIM long enough so I wouldn't surrender and/or retreat in order that the "mind controllers" could attempt to cause an emotional breakdown.
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