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Default Democratic two-faced's - Egypt welcomes you

Read a comment from Henry's site - excellant article this week (his personal best in my mind) - by dude and went to his website and found this tidbit @

I haven't read much fromhis site and this caught my eye.

"Democracy is two-faced in that, whilst they defend the rights of innocent civilians around the world, they research, manufacture and sell arms to the oppressors (people like Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadaffi, and anyone else willing to pay the dollars). The research part is very worrying, as the weapons are always extremely well-designed to do the most harm possible. Hence, Democracy makes an effort to maim and kill civilians around the world for financial gain!

In the game of politics, it seems there is a peer pressure on all new entrants to accept the "joke" that their best intentions are unattainable because it is impossible to actually effect their aspirations on the populace as a whole. Therefore, if they don't accept the fact that their efforts are always going to be futile, they will not ascend the political ranks. Politicians who do not accept this are "bumped off" c.f. the Kennedys. Certain politicians are able to spiritually encompass the desires of the people they try to represent. Politically, they are never successful. Hence, all politicians are "two-faced"."

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