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With decades of speculation of other "intelligent life forms" visiting Planet Earth without verification, one could assert that an alien invasion/attack could be used as a "guise" and/or "hoax" by THEM.

They "conditioned" us into 911 with smaller terrorist attacks for decades, as well, throughout the world.

The catch phrases they present to the public, of course, have one meaning for THEM and another for us.

Regan asked for our prayers and support. He said there would be risks.

These statements are very strange as far as I'm concerned.

Their "star wars" program could be what they would use to simulate what I have described above.

What is the deal with the "missile defense shield" in Europe?

Somehow, I feel this plays into the above scenario.

Russia states their system is adequate to protect against a threat from Iran and/or Korea.

So, in this respect, would the system that we install somehow disable their ability to fend off what could be a "hoaxed" alien attack.

Deductive reasoning is necessary.
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