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Default Re: Homosexual Bill Passes California Senate

I would agree that flouride makes one docile and the reason every brand of toothpaste other than one you can obtain from a health food store contains flouride.

Yes, it's in our water, too.

Is it needed to prevent cavities?

THEY say so.

Why do they say so?

So they can put it in our water supply and toothpaste.

What do we use each and every day, several times a day for all of our lives?

You got it!

What do we HAVE to drink to stay alive?

You got it, too!

What a convenient DELIVERY SYSTEM for them!

As far as vaccines and autism, there is a thread here about that.

As far the the MERCURY in vaccines being responsible for autism, sounds plausible to me.

But, as I stated, I believe "tainted batches" are used first in test areas to determine the amount, the effects, etc., (the success rate) before they streamline it into larger areas.

Remember, they can't KILL too many in one area due to suspicion. They can't debilitate too many in one area or the country as a whole due to suspicion.

But, they can PREDICT an outrageous percentage of autistic unborn children without knowing the cause.

That, I would say, is very, very, interesting, indeed!
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