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Default Re: The "Mystery" Movie

my laptop worked.. I got a cut of an origional tune...While playin' on boat.. I
ll'L give you a link... in a day or two.. You guys can name the backtrack and then we will write our first song...together..

As sone as the first song is done (kinda).. We will go onto the second...third,and forth.

Meanwhile.. People who's
expertise is in dance/coreorgraphy... Please help.

Only the brightest and best are attracted to this website... Fr that reason,I think that we have the power and intellegfence to counter the worm..

It will be done in the format of a musical stage drama..(That can be played on ten thousand stages worldwide).. kWithout the influence of the media miesters..

.. only you know why I have to communicate like this...

My Computer has been Infected b.....
and viruses because..

The truth will never survive on the internet... They know it and I know it.

This song that I have is just me playing all of the instruments at the same time... It is just one.. of the twelve different song patterns of the musical.

I'll figure to give you guys an idea of the pattern in another few days.. It'l thakeme nsome time to figure out how to upload it inles then a meg and a half.

It isn't me talking in my regular voice ..It is the takeover of my computer by some kind of spy/add ware.. kThey have fucked my computer up to stop this project.. That is why we must go ahead.. God Bless.
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