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Default Re: Communism

If you hav'nt already watched these two clips I urge you to as they are the best I know of, of explaining well the origens of the NWO, communism/socialism etc...

NWO Soloution or Seduction?

The managerial class we have today do not want to compete.

They are Marxists in Capitalist drag.

The cartels that stifle competition around the globe are all persuasive and are run by a very few bankers and financiers.

It's hard for people to understand why the so called capitalists are in fact socialists.

They want a centralised command and control economy with all facets of daily life controlled to the Nth degree.

It will be run by a Political/Business and Intellectual Elite.

Power is the game. Fuck money...they print the fucking money. Power over people and things.

This has had it's origens at least as far back as when the first human built a boat and decided he liked the greener grass over there...

After all...who wants the stress of competition? Far better to 'share' the resources of the world. It will be a nice fascism/ long as you do as you're told and dont complain about being knocked off at 30 to control the Earths population.

There's the rub. It's all cool when you're at the top...God help the rest of us peasants.

Fuck em.

P.S Actually, lets call them what they really are Fuedalists...Neo Fuedalism. A King...a vast managerial class and a big bunch of docil peasants at the bottom cleaning the toilets...actually robots will do that...actually there's no need for peasants...actually we're all going to be killed off.

Of course in the old days the King was ordained by God...who is the God who will be crowning the King in the NWO days of Secular Humanism?
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