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Default Re: Regret: Ministry of Public Security (China) does not process

I don't know, but rumor has it that HE (you know who) might be playing at 2 River Theatre on June 12th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! according to one of HIS (you know who) fans.

Does anyone know who he is playing with??????????????????

She can barely contain her excitment over the fact that HE (you know who) might be a surprise guest of Jackson Browne's at 2 River Theatre on June 12th!!!!!

She is not sure. She heard it from a source and this source may not be reliable, but she called a friend of a friend and it might be true THAT HE IS GOING TO BE AT 2 RIVER THEATRE ON JUNE 12TH.

She is beside herself!!!!

with exclamation points and question marks!!!!?????

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