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Default Re: The Absurdities of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

redrat11 wrote:
Interesting??? BA

How you, "HIGH IQ PEOPLE" know everything in the world, why don't you give us a analysis of the NWO plot to end American Sovereignty through the NAU, I'm all ears, waiting, waiting, for the BA to write something worthwhile reading.

Of course you can IGNORE me if you choose, they understand.
RedRat11 said:

"Way ahead of my time again...

Following will be a complete synopsis of the NWO plan for the coming(zionist-inspired) race riots this summer in *90&&9**%$ ."

Interesting, RR???

You seem to be the one who has indicated he will be doing that shortly.

Please, don't let US stop you.


You know, you're ahead of your time again...

There is plenty worthwhile reading on this site that has been written by me.

Please, visit the MIND CONTROL and Music Industry thread or are you allergic to it?
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