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Default I only have 11 post's left!

I will only post 1000 times, therefore, every post here on this forum will be informative, and hopefully convey my message, which is WRITTEN before your eyes, I will explain my reasons for the END TIMES.

I will try to WRAP UP my presence on CC for the past years, this will be difficult, as you all know the internet (internment of the mind) is chock full of rubbish, and quite frankly I don't give a DAMM!

The point of the internet (internment of the mind) I suppose is to inform and communicate with our fellow citizenry, however I've found this to be a huge LIE!

Now as we examine the NWO as planned by the thousands years plan of LUCIFER (only for Christian Readers) we find everything unfolding perfectly by design, or is this Illuminatti design??

God willing, all things will come to fruition, this includes the END TIMES. :-o

Note: other forums exist where intelligence exist. (although limited.) 8-)

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