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Springsteen is STEEPED in tradition?

Since when?

Is it traditional to use the word "little girl" in so many of his songs and/or to talk about being on the prowl for a little girl?

Is it traditional to write a song about having a threesome and then talk about paying one of the women $250.00 up the a**?

Is it traditional to write a song such as RENO with the above lyrics in it when you have teenage children?

Is it traditional to write a song about other women and a threesome when you are married; other men and perhaps your sister?

Is it traditional to call women tramps and ask whether or not a "little girl's" DADDY is home and if he can do the things to her that HE can do. Cause, you know, he can take her higher. He's on fire?

This is why he uses the name Mary in many songs, so say his "foot soldiers." Because he is steeped in tradition and Mary is a traditional name.

There are an untold number of songs using various female names by many musicians, but I think Springsteen outnumbers them all in that area and also with the use of the words "little girl."

Why is this?

I've stated on this thread certain of my alters, certain of HIS songs that spoke to disinformation, but the use of female names is to attract females. The use of pet names, darlin', baby, etc., is to make the female fans, in Springsteen's case, homo-erotic lyrics as well, so male fans, too, should be included, to subconsicously be attracted to him as if he is singing to THEM.

It's all about BETA programming.

Combine that with the "tricks of the trade" and you've got your "get them addicted and keep them addicted" fans.

Tricks of the trade.

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