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Default Re: I only have 11 post's left!

redrat11 wrote:
The Resolve of the American People...

I am very proud to have learned ALOT from this GENIUS, George Gordon, I read his material back in the 90's, It is absolutely incredible.The only American in history to PROVE THAT THE BIBLE IS AMERICAS BASIC LAW! meaning rights come from GOD and GOD alone. He has victory in the U.S. Supreme Court. (Of course, this must be hidden from you.)

GOD has victory in the US Supreme Court?? Why then did they put Bush in power?

When a U.S. citizen is pushed to the edge by the government, it is then that the TRUE AMERICAN spirit comes out.

TAKE NOTE: Pushed to the Edge

This they seek to shut down (American Resolve) but you and I know that aint gonna happen! Only the RESOLVE can supress the Tyranny upon us.


Tyranny upon US!...

let us examine the Tyranny, what are the Concentration Camps for? Good Question, are they for ILLEGAL ALIENS?

Answer: They are for you.

TAKE NOTE: Concentration Camps. They are for you. I guess RedRat doesn't think they're for him.

Yes you the American Patriot, the taxpayer, the rebel, the "freedom seeker," your name is already on the list.

TAKE NOTE: Your name is already on the list.

But don't worry, all you have to do is accept the Mark, and they will let you live. Will you accept the mark?

Take Note: All you have to do is accept the mark and they will let you live. Will you accept the mark?

Can you escape the coming Insurrection? Can you escape the Nuclear Explosion in a as yet unknown American City? (the war on terrorism) can you possibly imagine your country destroyed overnight?

Can you?

These things are hard to fathom, but this they plan and seek to accomplish, why else would they seek a 'WORLD ORDER' WW3 is'nt going to happen without the above mentioned incident, What can we do?

What above-mentioned incident? What can YOU do?

Yes, Yes, Yes, all neatly wrapped up in a little box...

TAKE NOTE: Neatly wrapped up in a little box...

The "securtiy-blanket" Can we escaspe from within? Maybe???

What security blanket? Escape what from within?
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