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Default Re: Who Will Benfit From Economic Collapse?

Yeh. sorry. Sometimes i worry i'm not specific enough....regardless,

We cant lose. It's just a matter of how many will die.

Already that runs into the millions.

Fortunately mostly brown and yellow people.

When the whites start dying in large numbers maybe something will cynical of me.

I'm actually optimistic Jimbo. I think they will back down. That of course is my view when i'm having a good day.

People are waking up.

The key for me is to get people to not fall for the WW3 stuff and armageddon.

No fate but what we make.

The Almighty gave us free will. That is the test.

The Almighty wants human beings who come to him willingly, not out of fear but respect and awe.

When i walked into a siversmiths shop and saw his fine works i was in awe of his craftsmanship and respected him greatly.

Why cant we do the same with God?

When I reflect on the fact that I exist at all i am in awe. When i open and close my hand at will i'm in and the universe is simply amazing.

When i see a baby born im in awe.

There could just as easily be NO life...NO existence and only darkness.

Till human beings get their sense of awe back we will never repect the creator and the life right in front of us.

We take it for granted that life is EVERYWHERE when all that we know for sure is that this little blue planet in an infinite universe is all we know.

I'm having a good day so i'm optimistic. If the coffee at the cafe i'm about to go to is bitter my perspective could change.

Best to you Jimbo.
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