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There are several of Springsteen's songs wherein the "little girl" refers to him as Daddy.

This is also found in other musician's songs, as well, in a similar fashion.

As I've stated, Mind Control Slaves have alter personalities that are child-like, BETA personalities. These personalities can be of various pre-pubescent ages.

I use to say to my handler, why do you want me to call you DADDY? You're not my Daddy. Why do you call me a little girl? I'm not a little girl any more?

It's not okay for a Daddy to have sex with his daughter/children, I would say. He would say, well, I'm not really your daddy. It's just pretend.

Of course, we understand the "sickness" and what this satisified in the pedophiles.

As I've written, scattered about throughout this thread, while I was on his site and their tactics weren't working to activate BETA programming/child-like, more intense measures were applied to control me.

There was an email that listed the levels of programming asking me if this helped to refresh my memory. I'm certain the BETA level is what they desired I become re-acquainted with.

We have to remember that MKULTRA/Project Monarch has never been spoken about on HIS official or unofficial site and/or conspiracy theories.

Then through email conversations, I was called Wendy, in order to attempt to trigger one of the child-like alters.

Through other emails, I was sometimes treated/referred to like I was a child and I would remind the person that I was an adult/woman/lady.
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