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Default G.E.Griffin Lecture. Politics Of Cancer Therapy. How The Cartels Work.

This one of the best lectures I have ever listened too.

Griffin ranges far and wide over subjects as diverse as WW2 and the financing of Hitler. Cartel agreements stifling competition. The foundations. Health care suppression and much more.

The best i've heard and a must listen to anyone interested in how they control information and technology.

I have no more room on my web site so I cant post it.

The original was on tape but i converted it to MP3.

It's a 3 meg 8 bit file so the quality is low but acceptable. I have a much better 6 meg file at 16 bits which you can specifically ask for.

E-Mail me at and i'll send an attached file.

If you're worried i'm an Illuminati agent out to infect your computer just open a hotmail or yahoo account.

Trust me, you will love this lecture and want to share it with friends.

As far as I know there is NO copy of this in MP3 form anywhere.


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