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I remember being told by my protectors that if I stayed with him; if I married him, he'd do the same thing to our children that he did to me.

He would never change. I knew this!

You know, while on HIS site, I started having "false" memories of my husband being one of THEM; of my husband as above. This is when I was almost under their "spell," believing HE was the HERO from my past, they were my connection, they were witnesses, they were the ones I passed information to about my victimization.

Disinformation that my husband was controlling me; standing between US.

How these memories were planted, I'm not sure or called up, I'm not sure. It could be because I was feeling so sucked into their "world," only trusting them, isolated, out of touch with reality that I began to distrust anyone and everyone except them.

These "false" memories were reinforced by one of the posters when he said, "I told you so, or we tried to warn you, to the lyrics to the song, "Pin a Rose on Me."
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